The giant red pacific sea cucumber is plentiful and of very high quality in the Kitasoo Seafoods area. The sea cucumber is hand picked by scuba divers from the pristine waters in our Territory. There is virtually no industrial development in the region and our village of 400 people is the only human settlement in this untouched area of 5,000 square kilometers. Our sea cucumber is some of the purest available in the world, and the proximity of our processing plant to the fishing grounds ensures the freshest and highest quality available.

Kitasoo Seafoods and its members hold 7% of the entire fishing quota of red sea cucumber in all of Canada and our partnerships with other fishermen further increases our volume. The sea cucumber is harvested when it reaches maximum quality in October of each year. The sea cucumber is brought daily in small batches into to our CFIA registered and approved processing plant and the skin and meat are separated within a few hours after harvest. The meat is washed and vacuum sealed into 2 pound packs and quickly frozen in our minus 35 blast freezer. The skin is cooked in a stainless steel kettle using a high pressure boiler and then generously salted and held until it reaches the optimum quality and consistency then boxed and frozen in our minus 30 holding freezer.

Our frozen sea cucumber is shipped to Vancouver, B.C. The meat is available in 40 lb. waxed boxes and the skin is available in 50 lb. waxed boxes. We only sell in large quantities with a minimum of 3,000 lbs. per sale. Please watch the web site for posted quantities or contact us if you wish to arrange a sale prior to the season. Health certificates for export are available on request. All sales are FOB Vancouver at the storage plant and the customer must arrange pick-up and delivery of the product after purchase.

Frozen sea cucumber meat @ 2lb packs = 16,528 lbs

Salted and frozen sea cucumber skin @ 50lb box = 17,257 lbs